I come from a design background. I started life as a footwear designer, creating hand made ‘couture’ shoes to order. I worked briefly for the queen’s shoemaker before setting up my own studio in Clerkenwell which I ran for 3 years. The business folded when the recession of the late 80’s / early ’90’s hit. A year later I decided to go back to college and do a degree in film. Half way through the first term of the course they changed the degree from Photography and Film  to ‘Contemporary media practice’; we were guinea pigs for this course which included ‘digital imaging’. No one quite knew what this digital thing was, or if it was even useful; at the time I was firmly committed to being a film maker - I was curious enough though, to take a module in digital with each new term.
After I graduated from the University of Westminster in 1994 I had a brief career in film. Then I was offered the opportunity to create experimental works with artists online. I was commissioned by Iniva who at the time had a small office in Whitfield street, Gilane Tawadros was the director at the time. It was an exciting time to be working in digital, because the UK film industry had died a death there were a lot of film makers, advertising creatives and artists all experimenting with this 'new media' to see what it could do and where it could go. Working with the limitations of dial up modems, and creating animations in shockwave we all felt like pioneers - no one outside of our circle understood what we did because how did you explain what digital was? or the internet? While I was working at Iniva, they co curated along with David A Bailey and the Corcoran Gallery of Art; an exhibition called Rhapsodies in Black, Art of the Harlem Renaissance - at the Hayward Gallery. I was commissioned to design the website for this touring exhibition (London, then several states in the USA over a three year period). 
After my freelance work at Iniva finished I then became a full time (then freelance) commercial digital designer working on quite large projects for clients such as Sony, Microsoft, BMW, Boots, Reuters. In the latter years of my career I worked in advertising. I started learning how to draw in 2009 just as a way of working with materials again, I was becoming frustrated with sitting in front of a computer all day so I took 3 evening classes a week. Around this time I was printmaking too, and doing the odd exhibition here and there with the East London Printmakers. For me this was just an exercise in striking a balance between the real world and the digital world. 
In 2014 I knew I needed more than to just be making art as a hobby. A series of events lead me to the City Lit Art and Design Foundation. I initially thought that I would end up making sculpture because I wanted to re connect with 3d because of my past footwear design experience.  A disastrous 3rd term in sculpture lead me to creating a life sized drawing as my final piece. This drawing got me straight onto the MA Drawing degree at Wimbledon College of Art which I did part time for 2 years and completed in 2018.
I have a studio in Woolwich, South East London where I make work and teach workshops.
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