Liverpool Biennial 2023; Khanyisile Mbongwa; Life sized drawings; Clay sculpture; Charmaine Watkiss

'Witness' is my installation for the 12th edition of the Liverpool Biennial 2023.
Drawing: The Return, 2018. Sculpture: A Prayer For safe Passage (commission for the Biennial), 2023.
Image credit above and below: Mark McNully.

Installation in the Victoria Gallery, Liverpool. Other artists at the same venue: Antonio Obá and Gala Porras-Kim.
Image on left: Oracle Of Our Forebears, 2023 (Biennial commission). Image on the right: The Return, 2018. Sculpture: A Prayer For Safe Passage, 2023 (Biennial Commission)

My installation called 'Witness’ was made for the 12th edition of the Liverpool Biennial.
‘uMoya: The sacred Return of Lost Things’ - the theme for the biennial; addresses the history and temperament of the city of Liverpool and is a call for ancestral and indigenous forms of knowledge, wisdom and healing. In the isiZulu language, ‘uMoya’ means spirit, breath, air, climate and wind.
The festival which runs from 17 June - 10 September 2023; explores the ways in which people and objects have the potential to manifest power as they move across the world, while acknowledging the continued losses of the past. It draws a line from the ongoing Catastrophes caused by colonialism towards an insistence on being truly Alive.
I was commissioned to create three works for the Biennial, Oracle Of Our Forebears, 2023, A Prayer For safe Passage (sculpture), 2023 and Ode to the Land of Wood and Water, 2023
Artists: Albert Ibokwe Khoza (South Africa); Antonio Obá (Brazil); Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski (Austria); Benoît Piéron (France); Binta Diaw (Senegal/Italy); Brook Andrew (Wiradjuri/Australia); Charmaine Watkiss (UK); David Aguacheiro (Mozambique); Edgar Calel (Guatemala); Eleng Luluan (Rukai Nation/Taiwan); Fátima Rodrigo Gonzales (Peru); Francis Offman (Italy/Rwanda); Gala Porras-Kim (Colombia/USA); Guadalupe Maravilla (El Salvador/USA); Isa do Rosário (Brazil); Julien Creuzet (Martinique/France); Katy'taya Catitu Tayassu (Brazil/France); Kent Chan (Singapore/The Netherlands); Lorin Sookool (South Africa); Lubaina Himid (UK); Lungiswa Gqunta (South Africa); Melanie Manchot (Germany/UK); Nicholas Galanin (USA); Nolan Oswald Dennis (South Africa/Zambia); Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum (Botswana/Canada/The Netherlands); Rahima Gambo (Nigeria); Rahmi Hamzi (Palestine); Raisa Kabir (UK/Bangladesh); Ranti Bam (Nigeria/UK); Rudy Loewe (UK); Sandra Suubi (Uganda); Sepideh Rahaa (Iran/Finland); Shannon Alonzo (Trinidad & Tobago); Torkwase Dyson (USA); Unmute Dance Theatre (South Africa).
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