Botanical Legacies, afrofuturist botany, ethnobotany, emancipatory art
Plant warrior women, afrofutrist botany, emancipatory art, ethnobotany
Charmaine Watkiss, ethnobotany art, botanical legacies art
Plant warrior women, ethnobotany, colonial resistance, emancipatory art, healing traditions, African ancestry
The seed keepers, Cromwell Place, black woman artist
Emancipatory art, black womens healing, ancestral traditions, artist working with plants
Black artist botany, healing traditions art, botany contemporary art

Warriors Inhabit Mind, Body and Spirit, 2021.   +.   The Warriors Way: Restructuring the Self, 2021

Afrofuturist botany, ethnobotany artist, Charmaine Watkiss

Tenacity Serves the Warrior Well, 2021. +  Threshold Guardian of light and Truth, 2021

Ethnobotany art, artist working with plants, ancestral healing traditions

The Matriarch I, 2021

Charmaine Watkiss, botanical legacies, ethnobotany art

Return of the Seed Keeper, 2021

First solo show with Tiwani Contemporary Gallery, hosted at Cromwell Place. 16 November - 5 December 2021
Image courtesy of Tiwani Contemporary. Photography Deniz Guzel.

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